Saturday, October 26, 2013

Vicuña - Valle del Elqui

We took a bus at mid-day, about an hour ride to Vicuña, the bigger town in the heart of the Elqui Valley, a Pisco and wine producing region behind La Serena.

The nice folks at Hostal Maria recommended a hostel that would let us camp there in Vicuña for the night.  The place was called "La Elquina," and was just about 4 blocks from the bus station where we were dropped off...

An older gentleman answered the door, and showed us to the back garden of the hostel, where we could set up camp for the night.  There was kitchen access, a really nice garden, and a comfortable, grassy bed which we would be sleeping on top of that night...

A walk through the relatively small town of Vicuña, and some lunch, would bring us back to the camp for the night, to cook dinner, and hang out.

We had about a week to kill, hopefully camping in the area, to save money, before we needed to head to Santiago, to meet the family!  It was coming up quickly, as my family purchased tickets to come visit us, the second week of November in Santiago.

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