Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back to Copa for a few more days

After our day and night out on the beautiful Isla Del Sol, we returned to Copacabana from the Southern part of the island.  The boat ride was slow, just like on the way out there, but the weather was gorgeous.  We met a woman from Venezuela, and a man from Australia on the boat ride, and talked travel, and (her) mountain climbing ventures.

Back on mainland, we returned to our hostel "Sonia" for another couple nights, and decided to relax a bit after our long walk on the island, that sort of wore us out.

We found "Mauraz" restaurant right on the main strip by the lake, and had an excellent lunch there, for an excellent price.  We returned for dinner the next night, and really recommend them.  Apparently a newer place, they offer a bit of everything, and had amazing cappuccino's, which hooked us from the get go.

After doing some much needed clothes shopping, (I needed some pants, and found an awesome Bolivia football jersey), we found a little bar on the main strip as well, called "Nemos."  They offered a couple different micro beers from La Paz, in bottles, which were quite good, and we just threw it out there that we play live music, and wanted to know if we could jam there...

The bartender put us in for the following night, and we showed up at 6 to do a sound check with the guitars.  We came back at 9:30, and rocked the house.  From about 5 people there at the start, to about 60 or so when I looked up a little while later, we had a blast, and played for 2 hours.  It's been a while since we played for a crowd like that, and that was just what we needed to get back into the groove.  Hopefully more of that to come, soon!

We finished our set at about 11:30, hung around for a bit, and walked back to Hostal Sonia to go to bed...As we approached the hostel, it was completely boarded shut, with metal barricades.  Now, sometimes, a hostel will close the doors early, and come open up when they hear a knock, but after 20 minutes of banging and literally kicking the door, nobody showed...We were getting a little worried, for that was our home base, and housed all of our stuff, and I took out my knife and began to try and pick open the window lock.  No luck.  Tried prying it open as well with no luck, so we walked around the back side of the building, and found a very small window open, over the kitchen.  Danica climbed in with no problem, and I handed her the 2 guitar bags.  I am pretty tall, and it took me a bit of stretching and straining to fit, but I did it.  Absolutely ridiculous that at midnight, nobody is there to open the hostel door.  What a great way to ruin your business.  Thanks Sonia, you won't  get my good review!  Once inside, still, nobody heard a thing, and as we went to go upstairs we wanted some water and chips from the glass case...Locked, of course, and picking the lock was no use, neither was trying to find the key...Oh well.  We loved Copacabana, and it couldn't have been a better place to welcome us to Bolivia!  See you next time...

Another 2 days in Copa, and we must move on down the road to the famed La Paz...

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