Friday, October 11, 2013

Sucre - an awesome city

Sucre, Bolivia is mild in climate, and semi mild in altitude, compared to the other spots we've been visiting...Our friends Mark and Carlie rented an apartment for about a month there, and we decided to pay them another visit. 

We took the El Dorado overnight bus from La Paz, which was very pleasant, and hassle free.  Pulled into Sucre at about 9AM, and began walking towards the center of town.  After the 3rd person's directions were wrong, we jumped into a cab.  The center of town, or Plaza 25 de Mayo, was really beautiful.  It was bordered by a huge colonial cathedral, and several shops and a nice park right in the center.  We hadn't got in touch with Mark and Carlie yet, and found Hostal Charcas, via our trusty Lonely Planet guidebook.

The hostel was mediocre.  We had a private room for fairly cheap.  That evening, there was a massive Mexican Mariachi party, believe it or not, on the deck upstairs.  Must have been someone's birthday party or something.  Full Mariachi band, equipped with horns and outfits.  Made me feel like we were back home.

We met Aoife and Luis, the Irish and Spanish couple in La Paz, and traded contact info.  Turns out they were also in Sucre, and we decided to meet them at their hostel just down the road for a night or two, which they had recommended.  "Pachamama" hostel, it was called, was about 5 blocks from our previous, and was one of the nicest hostels we've seen thus far.  It boasted a huge garden courtyard on the premises, and a really nice, clean, and fully equipped kitchen.  Our private room was very big, and airy, with a double window opening to the courtyard below.  They turned up later that evening, and we had some beers on our balcony table.

2 nights at Pachamama, and we didn't want to leave, but Mark and Carlie had come back from a hiking trek, and invited us to stay in their new apartment, also fairly close.  We checked out, and lugged all our stuff once again across the square, and into their place. 

Their apartment was awesome, small, but comfy, and with a great floral courtyard as well, and they were just as excited to be there as we were.  We would spend 2 more nights with them.  First night we made pizzas, and the second, Carlie made a delicious roast beef.  At this point it almost would seem as if we were following them, but really, we just have good, and similar travel plans...

Sucre had a very modern feel to it, despite not being able to find a cup of coffee at 7am...I loved the town, and would love to visit again someday.  It really felt as though in the 5 days we were there we really got to know the place, but it probably had a lot to do with the fact that we moved 3 times in that short visit.

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