Monday, September 23, 2013

Lima, en route to the south...

We arrived in Lima in the evening time from Huaraz.  The bus ride was fairly smooth, and we passed some pretty incredible looking coastline along the way.  Sand dunes for miles, and very desert-like scenario.

We jumped in a cab at the bus station, and headed to Hostal Iquique, which was semi near the center of town.

We were starving, and after checking into the hostal, we walked out, looking for some dinner.  First place we found was just a couple blocks away, and looked nice, cheap, and was full of people, so we decided to give it a try.

I wasn't paying too much attention to the menu they had out front, and the older guy waiting tables told us they had a 'mixed plate' sorta thing, where they would give us a little of everything, which sounded good.  We ordered a beer as well, and while we waited, we kind of discussed what the food would be like.

Turns out, we were both given a huge plate of cow stomach, intestine, and heart.  The heart was the only thing semi edible, as it was shish kabob syle, on a skewer.  I tried eating as muth as I could without getting sick, not to be completely rude, and plus I was starving.  It smelled horrid, and the consistency was like eating slime and leather.  Danica took a couple bites of her beef heart, and didn't touch the rest.

A man entered the restaurant, with a pan flute, and started blowing on it with a vengeance...

He then came around table to table asking for tips...We didn't really have much to give him, and told him sorry, but he quickly eyed Danica's full, hardly touched plate of slop...

He asked if he could have it, and very excitedly, she replied "SI!"

He put it all into a bag, and the waiter hadn't a clue she hadn't touched her meal.  Perfect.  Now, we left disgusted, and of course not full, or satisfied in the least.

Moral:  Check what you order.  Normally I would have, but after traveling all day, wasn't on my toes.

2 nights in Lima, and we spent almost a full day walking around in Barranco district, which was quite beautiful.  Rather ironic it was though, as we spent the time walking around trying to find a micro brewery we saw on the net...Nobody had ever heard of it, but we finally found it, only for it to be closed...We banged on the door, and the owner came out and said they only have 2 beers on tap...Super lame, oh well.

We walked down the road and found a burger joint owned by a British guy, and he sold us a couple of unbelievable IPA's from "Barbarian" brewery, which is another craft brewery in Lima, on the opposite side of town.  We enjoyed them to the fullest, and recommend trying them out if you're in the area!

8% unbelievable IPA!
The second morning, while we were waiting for our bus, there was a 7.0 earthquake centered just off the coast near Nazca.  Several people in Lima felt it, but luckily it was in an area where nothing was, and nobody was hurt.  On to the famed and mysterious Nazca Desert to take it all in!

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