Sunday, September 22, 2013

2 nights in Huaraz

We jumped on a 'micro bus' in downtown Caraz, and it took only about an hour and a half to reach Huaraz.  Beautiful day it was, and the sun was hot as hell.  Upon our arrival, we looked for about a half hour for "Caroline Hostal," which was in our 3 year old Lonely Planet book, and nobody was of any help.  Maybe they shut down...

We found "Hostal Rapido," just off of the main drag, and used it as our home location for 2 nights.  Wifi, hot shower, and a 3rd floor room, was a nice place for our stay.

As many do in Huaraz, we didn't come for any intense climbing or trekking.  Instead, we were winding down from our 2 weeks volunteering in the middle of the Andes, on Eilif's organic farm.

We did, however go for a day hike, which turned out to be quite nice.

We took another micro bus into the hills behind the town, to check out "Wilcahuain," which is a stone structure dating back to pre Inca times, used for funerary purposes.  It was situated on a hillside overlooking the city below, with 3 floors, that were still very much intact, which we went inside each one and looked around.  There was a small museum next to it with info, and we ended up walking up a nice trail across the road, and up the hilltop to a lookout point, with a gorgeous view of Huaraz and the Cordilleras behind it.

Apart from our nice hike, we had some excellent ceviche in Huaraz, and walked around the town quite a bit.  A quick glance at our map would dictate that we needed to head south, and on a direct bus to Lima it was...

"Wilcahuain" ruins near Huaraz

View of the city of Huaraz from up above

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