Friday, May 31, 2013

Pasto: Last night in Colombia

We took a 6 hour bus ride the morning after Popayan.  This drive was one of the most spectacular of the entire trip.  The bus was cruising some high altitude winding roads, and the drop offs, cliffs and rivers below made for an amazing view.  I tried taking some photos, but the bus was moving too fast, and the windows were a little dirty.  If you take this route, do it during the day, and keep your eyes peeled on the views!

Pasto was nothing too special for us, as expected.  We found a cheap hostel, "Koala," checked in and left our bags, and went immediately to find dinner, as we were starving.  We found a cafeteria style restaurant down the road, and ordered a pizza, which turned out to be delicious.  It was also huge, so we had some breakfast for the next morning as well.  After dinner we walked around a little, and sort of laughed at how many cake shops there were everywhere.  Almost every window in Pasto had some fancy cakes for sale.  The ones that weren't pastry shops were selling designer clothes...A very unusual sight to see.

An overview of our Colombian adventure:

After all the talk of how dangerous Colombia is (was), and how many warnings from back home we got, we came to the conclusion that not once, in the almost month we spent in Colombia, did we feel unsafe.

It really has changed from the horror stories that used to encircle it, at least from what we hear.  Like in any big city, home or abroad, you must use good judgement.  We have heard of people getting robbed all along our trip...Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia.  Usually it happens at night, in a big city, when someone is alone, or carrying a bunch of stuff with them.  Use your judgement!  When we go out walking at night, we don't carry much.  Colombia didn't differ from anywhere else in terms of how secure we felt.  The country is gorgeous, and the people are very friendly!

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