Monday, December 30, 2013

Rio Gallegos

That morning was exciting, to say the least.  Especially crossing through ANOTHER international border.  It was becoming second nature, and really, a lot of fun.  All we could think about was Ushuaia.  We had to spend the night in Rio Gallegos, for the bus to Ushuaia only leaves at 8 in the morning, so we were to arrive there, finally, on New Year's Eve.

We got to Rio Gallegos about 4PM, and walked all the way from the bus terminal, into town, which was probably a couple kilometers with all our stuff.  We walked into the first, and only hostel we could find, and checked into a dorm.  Pretty pricey, but they had a really nice kitchen, and the whole place was spotless.  Met an English guy there that was also taking the bus to Ushuaia the next morning.

Danica cooked a delicious pasta for dinner, and we slept, thinking that we were almost there...

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