Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lago Puelo

A gorgeous lake and national park, situated just south-west of El Bolson, and surrounded by thick pine forest and snowy Andes.  Although we've been in Patagonia now for a couple weeks, this is what I imagined it to be...It's wild and untouched; All of the surroundings.  We found a campground, right by the lake shore, and we have literally been the only ones here, other than a couple from Czech we met the other day.  They just started their trip in Buenos Aires a couple weeks ago, and bought a Toyota Tundra with an awesome pop up camper on the back, from a guy selling it in BA.  Cool folks.  We drank Yerba Mate with them and made lentil patty burgers for dinner on the fire...Hopefully we'll run into them again down the road.

Fishing is one of my favorite past-times, and growing up trout fishing in the Santa Barbara mountains, and having a sailboat on the Pacific for 4 years, I've been in need of a fix.  I brought a pole with me, and have been carrying it since Costa Rica, where it broke, was fixed, then broke again in Ecuador, and still haven't caught a thing on this entire trip...After 2 days of trying the river mouth here, and finally ending up in front of the breakwater of the small marina, I caught us some dinner last night.  Feels great to be able to fish, let alone to bring home some food.  Planning on plenty more of it to come!

Killing some time and taking in scenery is what we've got going on for a bit, then we'll need to figure out our passage further south.  Ushuaia's on the list, so there's still plenty of traveling left to do...Actually much more traveling, as we finally booked our flight back home in March, and we've gotta get all the way back up to Lima!  It's not like we're not used to taking long bus rides by now...

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