Friday, June 7, 2013

Guayaquil: A night in Ecuador's biggest city

We left Baños after 4 nights there.  It rained almost the entire time, and it poured all night last night.  It was pretty cold, so we decided to add to our very beach oriented attire, and each bought local made Alpaca sweaters.  Kind of ironic because we will be spending some time at the beach for a bit...Oh well, they will definitely come in handy down the road when we visit more of the Andes.  Baños was great, apart from someone swiping Danica's camera in a local bar...Maybe Aguardiente and taking photos don't mix...We'd love to visit again, but now it's a night in Guayaquil, which is Ecuador's largest city.

We jumped on the bus this morning, and were told it was a direct bus to Guayaquil...An hour down the road, we stopped on the side of the road, and were told this is where we reconnect to Guayaquil.  The connecting bus was apparently already on its way, and our driver was in the middle of the road screaming at him to stop.  The bus kept going, and the driver of the previous one gave us our money back to catch the next one, which luckily came about 15 mins later right as it started to rain again.

About 8 hours later, (and two movies later), we arrived in Guayaquil, to a gigantic bus terminal station, right next to the international airport.  Just one mellow night here, search for a new digital camera, and we're off in the morning for the coast.  Maybe we'll visit more on the way towards Peru...

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