Monday, June 3, 2013

Baños, Ecuador

We took the bus from Quito to Baños on Monday evening.  It was only $3.50, and it took about 4 hours.  We arrived in Baños to be greeted by a little rain.  It was pretty damn cold.  We walked about 5 blocks from the bus stop to find our hostel Transilvania.  Everything in Baños is cheap.  We found a traditional Ecuadorian lunch for $2.50, which included a big bowl of chicken soup, a plate of rice, beans, chicken and salad, and a drink.  Baños is a touristy town, but is still the destination for Ecuadorians on their weekends, and vacation time.  It's small, and easy to walk around town.  The view from our hostel balcony included a waterfall in the not-so-far distance, and green mountains surrounding us.

On the bus, heading to Baños
The view from our hostel room at "Transylvania"

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