Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Uvita...Beautiful beach and national park

We left Dominical that morning, and jumped on the bus to Uvita.  It's only about 15 mins down the highway, but not recommended to walk, due to the lack of space on the side of the highway, and fast, crazy drivers.  We arrived and got off the bus right across the street from the "BM" supermarket, and were a little clueless as to which direction to go.  We then decided to head to Flutterby House, and jumped in a cab.  Turns out, it's right down the road, about 1km, and we should have walked...

Uvita is awesome.  It's a small town that's fairly spread out.  The beach (part of the Marino Ballena National Park) it unbelievable.  Long, sandy beach, with hardly any rocks, makes for great swimming, and surfing.  At low tide, the 'whale's tail' can be seen, and it is just that...Up in the hills, about an hour's walk, is a beautiful waterfall, and an amazing little restaurant just above it.  Might I recommend the fish taco...The water hole just beneath the falls, is deep and very refreshing.  

Flutterby House, the hostel we stayed at, is one of the most unique you will find!  It was our first real hostel experience of the trip, and we met some great people there in our almost week of camping at Flutterby...There was Pete, the surfer from Maine, who ran after us on our departure to deliver my sunglasses I had lost, Esteban, the Tico working the counter, Jason and Maria, the couple working there as well, Ian from Alaska, Dave from Northern California, Pat from Alabama, Autumn and Elden, and the owners Pam and Kim, among several other travelers who were staying as well...As I mentioned, we set our tent up on the premises and stayed about a week.  Had a bonfire one night on the beach with Autumn and Elden, the East Coasters, and ended up playing a little concert in front of the bar one night.  Great place, with one of the best kitchens to date, and a beautiful design on their property, with treehouses, and places to camp...Love to return someday!

Amazingly huge Bahia Ballena Beach

Flutterby House:

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