Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Isla Boca Brava (Pacific coast)

We were unsure about going to Isla Boca Brava...On the map it looked interesting, and we really wanted to see some of the Pacific islands, but we had heard it may be difficult getting there...

We decided to do it.  Leaving Boquete that morning, and heading first to David, then towards Boca Chica, the little port town on the Pacific.  The bus (van from David), dropped us off on the side of the highway, about 15 mins outside of Boca Chica...Sure enough, right as we got off the bus, a collectivo (little Toyota truck with a canvas cover on the back), showed up, and we jumped in the back with all of our stuff.  We drove down a bumpy dirt road for a bit, then they stopped right at the loading ramp into the Pacific Ocean, with Isla Boca Brava right across the channel.  It was only $1.50 per person in the collectivo.  We waited for about 45 mins for the little local grocery store to open, so we could buy some provisions, because there's nothing to buy on the island, except food from the hotel.  The boat ride (lancha) was 3 bucks a piece there and back.

Isla Boca Brava is absolutely gorgeous, and because it was slow season, there were literally only a couple other people there!  The hotel, located right on the cliff overlooking the ocean, was amazing, and the owner, Brad was very cool.  We hiked around the island a bit, saw plenty of howler monkeys, and rented a kayak the next day to explore more around the island.  We went pretty far, and got some amazing views of the surrounding Pacific Islands up close.  Highly recommended!

Being that it was the slow season, we were pretty much the only ones there...That evening, another couple from Poland showed up, and were staying in a room just down from ours.  We hung out that night, and realized we were doing similar trips heading into South America.  Cool people.


Howler monkey on Isla Boca Brava

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