Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saying goodbye to Ecuador...

Lots of posts from Tagua Lodge...Well, we stayed almost 3 months, and a lot has happened.  We pretty much finished working, and our work can be seen all over the hostel.

Our friends Tristan and Phoebe showed up in Montanita, after their Colombian stint.  They came over to Tagua, and we made some pizzas.  We spent a couple days hanging out, and most likely will be seeing eachother again, down the road.

We met tons of cool people staying at the lodge...Wouldn't even be possible to name all of them, but of course there were the ones already mentioned, such as Mark and Carlie, and Mathew and Poppy, the Argentinian family, Sebastian, Vicky and Alfredo, Jose and Margarita, Kristin and Debbie from Oregon, Tom and Alex from England, as well as their friends who came later, and not to leave out Luis and Caty, who made it all possible...The people we met, and hung out with obviously added to the place, and the time spent.

Big Montanita night

A little bit on Ecuador, after our 3 months stay...

Super friendly people, delicious food, diverse scenery, with Andean peaks, volcanoes, vast beaches, and wildlife.

Some tips for visiting Ecuador:

The country uses US currency, as well as some older Ecuadorean coins, just like Panama.

Nobody EVER has change!  Keep this in mind while making your way around.  Especially in smaller towns, it's often impossible to break a $20 bill, so when you have a chance, get change ahead of time.  Even a $10 bill can sometimes leave you waiting for the cashier to run for change.  Our experience was that liquor stores were the best bet for having change...

Living anywhere for 3 months can really change you.  We were grateful for our opportunity to stay at Tagua Lodge for as long as we did, and hope to return someday.

I think we'll actually miss the sounds that annoyed us so much in the beginning...From the shrimp salesman at 7 am with his loudspeaker, to the produce trucks "Veinticinco Naranja, Un Dolar!," to the trash men coming almost every day, with their trash take-out song "Sacar la basura, cuando viene el carro..."

Ecuador is an amazing country, and we feel honored to have spent so much time there...Hopefully we'll be back!

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