Saturday, July 6, 2013

Still on the coast...Working for a place to stay

It's been almost a month now in Manglaralto.  We've made some new friends, and have done a ton of work on the hostel.  The last couple weeks we spent sharing the place, and some work with Mark and Carlie, the Australian couple, traveling the world on their motorcycle .  It looks as if we'll probably meet up again with them down the road...

Manglaralto is amazing.  It's small, with wide, mellow streets, with hardly any traffic.  There are some cars and motorcycles that drive around with loudspeakers, selling anything you can imagine, from produce to meat and fish, to kitchen supplies.  Some great deals if you're needing something.  The owners, Luis and Caty are gone 4 days out of every week, working in Guayaquil, so it's usually just us here, holding it down.  The beach is a 5 minute walk, and when the sun's out, it's absolutely gorgeous, and the water is warm.  Ther's a few places to eat lunch in town, for $2.50.  Unbelievably cheap, we love it.  Montañita is a 20 minute walk down the beach, and cabs there are $1.50.  There's 2 internet cafe's in town.  Judging by how we like it so far, I think we could live here permanently some day...
The hostel is home to 3 animals...Zeus, the Golden retriever/lab mix, Laura, the one eyed black cat, and Modoki, the grey Tabby.  They are great pets, and very interesting creatures at that.  Zeus is one of a kind.  He follows us everywhere, and waits outside for us, for example, while buying things from the store.  Right now, he's laying right outside of the internet cafe door, waiting for us to finish.  The cats are incredible beggars...If we're cooking something with meat, they are at our heels crying, and if it's raw chicken, they're up on the counter trying to steal it...Never seen cats do that, but that's one trait that makes them special...


Laura and Modoki
Manglaralto beach, on a perfect day

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